Assorted Bars & Dumbbells

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  • Rubber Dumbbell 30to50lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell B 30to50 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: SSRDB30to50
    PHP 50,600.00
  • Rubber Dumbbell 55to75lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell B 55to75 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: SSRDB55to75
    PHP 67,600.00
  • Solid Stainless DBs w Rubber Wts 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50lb by pair w Rack
    Fixed D-Bell B 80to100 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: SSRDB80to100
    PHP 84,600.00
  • Iron D-Bell 5to25lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell C 5to25 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: CPIDB5to25
    PHP 29,400.00
  • Iron D-Bell 30to50lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell C 30to50 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: CPIDB30to50
    PHP 42,400.00
  • Iron D-Bell 55to75lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell C 55to75 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: CPIDB55to75
    PHP 55,300.00
  • Iron D-Bell 80lbto100lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell C 80to100 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: CPIDB80to100
    PHP 68,150.00
  • Fixed D-Bell J 5to25 Lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell J 5to25 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: JrDB5-25
    PHP 22,816.00
  • Fixed D-Bell J 30-50 Lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell J 30to50 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: JrDB30-50
    PHP 37,900.00
  • Fixed D-Bell J 55-75 Lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell J 55to75 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: JrDB55-75
    PHP 56,624.00
  • Fixed D-Bell J 80-100 Lb. Rack
    Fixed D-Bell J 80to100 Lb. +Rack

    CODE: JrDB80-100
    PHP 72,632.00
  • Placeholder
    Fixed D-Bell J 110Lbs. (Pair)

    CODE: JRDB110
    PHP 14,088.00
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