Super Showroom

To See is To Believe.  Test before You Buy

2500 square meter of store space for our clients to see & test what we have to offer before they even spend a single cent.  

Because we are absolutely confident that we do not produce junk; therefore we do not have to resort to false & deceiving tactics just to make a sale.  We make sure our clients are forever happy using ENSAYO products.

ENSAYO is as passionate as you are about fitness, athletics & body building, the moment you step into our showroom… you will want to stay & play :-)



Factory Excellence

The Fruits are Best when the Seeds are Excellent

Frfactory operationsom vision, concept to actualization; all ENSAYO products go through stringent research & development. All ENSAYO designs are uniquely in-house, our computer type applications are so high tech & advanced that people do not believe it is applied in exercise equipment!  

Our products’ materials, sizes, shapes & angles all come with specific reasons.  They are for safety, strength, durability, efficiency, ergonomics & reliability.  Ensayo parts are patented.   The substance of our products are derived from good foundation of education, competency, honesty, integrity, sincerity, good morals, proper ethics &  respect for others.  

Our workers are all well taken care of, meeting all Gov’t. regulated standards.  They are also trained to adhere to the company’s mission-vision; of producing the best products with the best workmanship & technical services.  By avoiding cheap junk materials, we also help save the environment from useless material/energy wastage including unnecessary carbon emissions. Majority of our products should at least last for three generations. In the very seldom event that we need to provide repairs, our always-ready in-house parts & technicians are more than prepared to serve our warranty agreement.  



Stocking is a Science


It is not just about capital investments. ENSAYO performs well because of the passion for the sports & fitness. Stocking or warehousing requires a lot manpower, time, effort & definitely money.  We do our very best to supply our clients on-time, with product consistency & in proper order.  It may look easy but we actually consider it a science.